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Original titled SPACE MEN but released in the USA as ASSIGNMENT OUTER SPACE, this is a 1960 science fiction film starring Rik Van Nutter (gotta love that name!) and directed by Antonio Margheriti and produced by Samuel Z. Arkoff.

It follows an assignment by Interplanetary News reporter Ray Peterson aboard a space station in the 21st century. Despite problems with the base commander, he is eventually responsible for stopping a space ship which threatens to destroy the Earth.

It was director Antonio Margheriti’s first assignment, and this film showed what quality he could deliver while working with a minuscule budget.

This film is interesting for having a black protagonist, American choreographer, Archie Savage, in a pivotal role. It reminds us of FIRST MEN ON VENUS, the film based on the classic Lem story, its full of library music and science waffle, but a really interesting watch, trying hard to feel ‘factual’

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  • A classic space ship movie with great detail and quality adventure. Rates 5/5.

  • mikedMay 5, 2022Reply


  • Cor. Talk about doppelgangers. The young blond fellah in this film looks just like the British actor John Fraser. Sadly now dead.

  • Campy….. makes me remember my childhood. I enjoy this no matter how corny. Hooray for really bad acting….

  • Buddy MackMay 5, 2022Reply


  • starguy2718May 5, 2022Reply

    "Bravo Zulu" (BZ), in naval parlance, means that you did a good job.

  • OICURWAY2YSMay 5, 2022Reply

    It's funny how they have to wear magnetic boots because of zero gravity, but everything else, including liquids, seem to be affected by gravity.

  • Neal SausenMay 5, 2022Reply

    That’s funny, the Reporter when he comes out of stasis fears that spending 10 days in a cramped space ship with a bunch of men he fears he might be A “useless” reporter
    I will tell him not to worry, being stuck in a cramped Space ship10 men I’m sure he will be “VERY USEFUL”! lol 😂

  • 2116 eh ? Analog … electronic brain

  • Louis LeroyMay 5, 2022Reply

    I like George might have got a little too forceful putting his face to that boy's fist like that lol

  • Mihai SanduMay 5, 2022Reply

    I love the lack of delay in the comms with control

  • ickleshouseMay 5, 2022Reply

    might be wrong but some of the music in this movie seams just the same as mission to mars years later ? among other times its in the back ground 12:32 , 43:12

  • ssssssssssMay 5, 2022Reply

    500 gallons of hydrazine vs. some guy's life. Of course, 500 gallons of N4H2 are more important.

  • It's actually the 22nd Century (2116). Just sayin…

  • Joe StrikeMay 5, 2022Reply

    somebody probably already said this, but Van Nutter was one of the several dozen actors who played Felix Leiter in the Bond movies – Thunderball to be precise

  • xadam2dudexMay 5, 2022Reply

    Going to another galaxy in a rocket .. They should get there in a few billion years

  • Mark NovackMay 5, 2022Reply

    What a trip to be awakened by Dennis Rodman…

  • 1:56 Pretend-president Biden has stayed in this trance-like death state and never regained his earthly faculties to this very day…

  • Page RhoadsMay 5, 2022Reply

    Lucy says she loves him and he says I know lol Harrison Ford must have watched this when he was a kid lol

  • Made a remix of Assignment: Outer Space on my channel. Check it out!

  • Clem KwoahMay 5, 2022Reply

    19:15 ah, this is where DJ Okawari's Flower Dance is sampled from.

  • Greatest Sci Fi movie EVER!!! Better than Star Wars even.

  • the year 2116 that would make it the 22nd century not the 21st century

  • sarge505050May 5, 2022Reply

    This movie is a SPACE TURKEY

  • The spaceship looked like a $2 model kit you could buy at a dime store, put together with that model airplane glue that would get you high if you sniffed it for too long.

  • MarieLaVeauMay 5, 2022Reply

    What kind of astronaut is afraid of going on a mission, and disobeys orders? Don't they screen you before they send you on a mission?

  • Dan KnightMay 5, 2022Reply

    They move around in slow motion 😐

  • Chuck HoleMay 5, 2022Reply

    In space all the stars pulse in unison. What were the special effects people thinking?
    Flowers that turn hydrogen into oxygen? Oh, sure!
    At least they got the blinking lightometer technically correct.

  • This really gives me that kid in the 70s,summer vacation,sci fi monster fun!

  • 1960 was a great year for science fiction movies regarding space travel.

  • Roughly 10 to 1 ration thumbs up to thumbs down. That means it's absolutely worth watching. Elon musk designed his ship after this one?

  • Love this great old school film,saw back in 5he beautiful 70s as a kid,awesome kid stuff!

  • Know It AllMay 5, 2022Reply

    At 57:58 the co-pilot on the right gives Lucy a really, really dirty look. Was he jealous because she said: "I love you George"?

  • Lee LarsonMay 5, 2022Reply

    Sorry, folks, but I've had so much all my life of movies and other stories of 'a person of color' saving the world from obliteration. This is garbage. Garbage.

  • The Dateline of the report filed by Ray Peterson is 2116. By my reckoning that is the 22nd Century NOT the 21st Century.

  • 19:16 flower dance

  • quinktapMay 5, 2022Reply

    Love this especially the Cmdr 's simulated G-Forces.

  • U.V. S.May 5, 2022Reply

    'A man even in space changes his position, but not his character.'

    How true.

    Also notice the hilariously liberal usage of nuclear missiles.

  • Johnny RepMay 5, 2022Reply

    "Under the impulses of an electric brain…"

    Oh, you mean a "C O M P U T E R".

  • ann princeMay 5, 2022Reply

    Why is he floating without a cord anchoring him

  • marleneMay 5, 2022Reply

    The background noise was way too loud and relentless. I just couldn't finish watching.

  • Despite having plenty of technical errors and poor English translations and also shot in very cramped quarters, this film manages to keep one's interest and it has a happy ending. The special effects are crude by today's standards, but for the early 1960's they weren't that bad. The last line in the film by the Lucy character is hard to make out, but I think she says "Now you are really worth yourself, George". If anyone else interprets it differently, then please leave a comment here. I tried using the English captions to see that line spelled out, but it made a mess out of the line.

    Anyway, worth a view for a nostalgia trip back to the kinds of sci-fi films that young couples were watching in the drive-in movie theaters back then.

  • Thanks!

  • 54:40 this is some peak wow

  • I was surprise that a POC was in a significant role in a sci fi movie,
    And an old one at that. ( Al X-15)
    The plot is mediocre but the human drama and special effects makes up for it.
    Some funny editing like the face punch.🤣
    Hitting the target through the channel reminded me of Luke Skywalker trying to destroy the Death Star.
    The rockets were Von Braun designs popular back then.
    The story isn’t believable now but it was back then.
    It’s a product of its time with what they knew about space travel back then.
    This was before the man went into space and after the first satellite were launched.

  • Ah, the old Spaghetti Space movies. Y13 is bellissima!

  • Special magnetic boots! It’s not 2116 yet, but you can buy “magnetic boots” on EBay ready for your trip into outer-space.

  • Really enjoyed this one. Thanks for the upload.

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