ELVIS FROM OUTER SPACE Exclusive Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi Comedy Movie HD

JoBlo Movie TrailersApril 30, 2022

ELVIS FROM OUTER SPACE Exclusive Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi Comedy Movie HD

PLOT: Ladies and Gentlemen, the King of Rock N’ Roll From Outer Space has blasted into Vegas from the far side of the Universe to compete in an Elvis impersonation contest with the best in town!!! But just as he is on the verge of victory, he mysteriously vanishes. Who’s behind the disappearance? The mafia? The CIA? Or the aliens he left behind? #ElvisFromOuterSpace

Available July 7, 2020 on Apple TV, Prime Video and digital platforms

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Rating: 5.00
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(27) comments

  • Abdul MitchellApril 30, 2022Reply

    He's actually a venusian like Tesla, valiant thor and a few others. So there is some truth to the title lmao

  • Johnny ThompsonApril 30, 2022Reply

    Glad I turned down the lead as Elvis in this flop. OMG! My buddy George took the role. He wore my fringe costume in the movie.

  • stephen fordApril 30, 2022Reply

    Wow what a load of bollocks

  • el cheApril 30, 2022Reply


  • TreebsquireApril 30, 2022Reply

    Looks like it was shot on a ten year old phone with special effects made in Microsoft Paint

  • TERABYT UApril 30, 2022Reply

    The trailer costed more than the movie

  • I love this horror movie it's creepier than child's play 😅

  • Brody GrossoApril 30, 2022Reply

    this looks like a trailer to a porno…….

  • What the HELL?

  • john turtleApril 30, 2022Reply

    just watch bubba hotep instead

  • jack frostApril 30, 2022Reply

    I couldn't get past the fight 😂 in the cell,,

  • space i s waterApril 30, 2022Reply

    That looks awful lol

  • Michael BeenyApril 30, 2022Reply

    What a dreadful looking film, think I will miss this one.

  • Ton BruinsApril 30, 2022Reply


  • Alex BonhamApril 30, 2022Reply

    As much as I love the king I think this movie will be really Bad

  • JaKBaLL TVApril 30, 2022Reply

    0:34 Buck Rogers, or Sam Beckett?

  • Barry RatcliffeApril 30, 2022Reply

    I have spent a lot of time with an indepth analysis of this film, it's content, and it's level of film accomplishment and voyeuristic attachment to intellectual and visual attributes as an audience Entertainment vehicle and I must say……………..this is by FAR, the best film ever made in the history of the universe.

  • MARCOApril 30, 2022Reply

    Esta seguro la resume te lo resumo jajajaj

  • John PenfoldApril 30, 2022Reply

    The king is back

  • Dinand BunkApril 30, 2022Reply


  • bruh moment

  • Pumpkinman4everApril 30, 2022Reply

    Nope, I'll stick with Bubba Ho-Tep

  • Jim TApril 30, 2022Reply

    This wants sooo much to be Bubba Ho-Tep Part Deux. Ah well…

  • Ryan CApril 30, 2022Reply

    Looks like absolute trash.

  • If you think you'll be into this try The Greasy Strangler if you have prime video it's free to watch. It's twisted ans hilarious

  • bluknight99April 30, 2022Reply

    Dear God! It's like Roger Corman, Uwe Boll and Tommy Wiseau had some satanic three-way and managed to birth the anti-Christ of movies! And I'm sure Elvis would be spinning in his grave…if he were REALLY DEAD!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Ian GreeneApril 30, 2022Reply

    Elvis has finally come home.

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