Inside the Book: Delia Owens (WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING)

Penguin Random HouseMay 6, 2022

Author Delia Owens discusses the main character from her novel WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING, and her inspiration for the book. Read more about her work:

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(9) comments

  • The book has I connection to my life and I have to read it . Thank for write this novel.

  • Great thing to Read

  • Excellent read!

  • Pea Ua MaMay 6, 2022Reply

    Wonderful writer & book.

  • Sas Sky May 6, 2022Reply

    Very good book :))

  • BadgerMay 6, 2022Reply

    I am starting to get a better picture of the book to see if I want to purchase it. I have been reading the Audible people's reviews and reviews from places like Good Reads. It is weird, but in the audio version people just don't care for it (mysterious, the narrator sounds great) and most of the book readers seem to love it. Some critiques called the plausibility of the book into question (things the character did, distances she covered, what NC is "really" like). But after watching the author's clip here, it makes total sense: Most reviewers have never had to do difficult things and never had to live in the bush for long periods of time, so they do not know what a person can really do (as the author attested to). From the authors age and accent, I am sure that she knows a thing or two about places like the Outer Banks of NC during the time frame. Also, the author is a scientist, knows her sh!t, and really loves writing about the natural world. She seems to try to make "nature writing" more palatable to the masses by making it poetic. The audio reviews are still a mystery, though. I remember looking at Jean M Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear series and thinking to myself, 'I will have a hard slog trying to read something as thick as a telephone book, where one does not see quotation marks for a good 12 to 14 pages at a time.' However, I listened to five of the books on audio cassette and I really enjoyed the series! I let the narrator read the rote descriptions of the landscapes for me, and I was cool with that! (I don't remember Jean M. Auel's attempting to make natural descriptions palatable by making them poetic sounding).
    Okay. count me in; I am betting my Audible credit on Where the Crawdads Sing!

  • Sounds like a good story. I spend a lot of time outdoors by myself fishing, thinking, observing and trying to fit in with the wildlife. The more I do it, the more I believe we are not a natural product of this environment.

  • Akel DimisMay 6, 2022Reply


  • Irox91May 6, 2022Reply


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