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MovieclipsMay 2, 2022

It Came From Outer Space – First Contact: John (Richard Carlson) sees the aliens for the first time.

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While looking through his telescope one night, John Putnam (Richard Carlson) sees what at first appears to be a meteor shower — but it is actually a crash-landing alien spaceship! After investigating the crater from the impact, John informs the town sheriff (Charles Drake), and receives nothing but ridicule. Even his fiancée, Ellen (Barbara Rush), is skeptical. All that changes when the townsfolk start disappearing, and are replaced by eerie alien duplicates.

TM & © Universal (1953)
Cast: Richard Carlson
Director: Jack Arnold

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Rating: 5.00
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(43) comments

  • Gelo PotskiMay 2, 2022Reply

    its among us dont you see the simularity? the eyes is the visor and the body is the suit

  • This is one of the great scenes of early 50s sci-fi. Guess he won`t ask for more than he should have again!

  • MarchanarchMay 2, 2022Reply

    Slickity-slickity sloth thug Bach

  • 0:26 The Sample From THE_EVIL_THAT_MEN_DO 🔥🔥😈

  • TomasMay 2, 2022Reply

    This is how many people came from $B →→→


  • G59

  • Harley QMay 2, 2022Reply


  • g*59

  • RixoMay 2, 2022Reply

    Suicide gang G*59

  • Вова 3CMay 2, 2022Reply

    You are here only because the Suicideboy sampled this 😛

  • christo_sk8May 2, 2022Reply

    anyone here from $b

  • KOBEMay 2, 2022Reply


  • wolfbrooksMay 2, 2022Reply

    If an astronaut lands on a alien planet, the aliens would see the astronaut as an alien invader believed to turn the planet’s population into mindless zombies.

    This is what these aliens see us like: alien cyclops with laser vision and mind control powers.

  • tA- aTMay 2, 2022Reply

    The music anticipates so much of the "eerieness" and "horror"

  • Brilliant alien design, far more imaginative using real materials and initiative, than using computers and coursework.

  • I remember this!!!

  • LarryMay 2, 2022Reply

    Dig that background music when the creature appears later to be used as the opening for the creature feature show

  • ILBIS123May 2, 2022Reply

    I think I've seen it in The Simpsons.

  • MELDtoysMay 2, 2022Reply

    Two words: RAY BRADBURY. Best if The Best!

  • MELDtoysMay 2, 2022Reply

    The alien ended up working for SpongeBob's company.

  • jamesboboMay 2, 2022Reply

    Imagine seeing this in 3-D as it was intended. The audience was given special glasses to see the 3-D effect. You can't see it in this clip.

  • As suspected they look like drunk Republican Russian drivers looking for something to drive into.

  • ##May 2, 2022Reply

    For an old 1950's B-movie, it isn't a bad alien design!

  • topgeardelMay 2, 2022Reply

    This guy is a pansy…..he can't look at the creature b/c of how "horrible" it is. I would have fell to the ground laughing my a** off. Apparently he hasn't been on any blind dates.

  • thefives7arMay 2, 2022Reply

    I support any movie the VFA does. Good Ol classic cinema.

  • Zak LewisMay 2, 2022Reply

    Hey the alien gave the guy several warnings, the guy just couldn't hack it.

  • What a wuss. It wasn’t that bad.

  • WillieMangaMay 2, 2022Reply

    Despite the Alien's peaceful nature, the design is incredibly surreal, accompanied by tense music. Quite cool for the 50s. Although, despite them not being evil, they didn't exactly think things through; why not just pose as people visiting from another town instead of turning into some of the towns people? Well, I suppose it's because they didn't have anyone else to work off of at the time. Also, the music reminds me of the first scene in Spaceballs.

  • Putnam's reaction still strikes me as being fey and melodramatic (even though it's a movie) and decidedly unmasculine. To have him begin wretching slightly would have been more realistic, but at the time when this flick was made, certain bodily functions were not allowed to be even obliquely hinted at.

  • It's crazy how the look of this creature is so unique and eerie, despite being in a really old movie…

  • "Come out so I can see you."


  • When I was a kid, I wondered why this thing from outer space, was never on the news, or in the papers.
    Telling me that it was just a movie didn't help.
    I needed assurance that it wasn't anywhere near where I lived.

  • Then the alien should have said, "happy now?"

  • Mr BungleMay 2, 2022Reply

    Old movies may have some funny moments but also they have some of the best ambiental and horrifying

  • homoerotic, I have to see you as you really are, bi-curious

  • Probably better than the modern space aliens. I think some of the deep sea creatures look more alien than the modern stuff.

  • ladies and gentlemen, i present phantoon

  • Creature: 'goes into lengthy, meaningful, strict decision that….'they…and humans, absolutely 'cannot' meet or be allowed to gaze upon each other. 'you're just not ready!" … Putnam: 'Naw…come on out here'. Creature: "Ok…sure.

  • in my head canon these are the same aliens as the scientists from the thing but these ones werent infected with the thing. watch the deleted scenes from the 2011 movie

  • Gary VisionMay 2, 2022Reply

    Aliens who are good with minds and souls, not just monsters who carry off young girls. A movie truly ahead of it's time.

  • This alien was one of a kind, it's appearance is horrifying but its incredible, I love it

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