The Strangest Encounters in Space | NASA's Unexplained Files (Full Episode)

Science ChannelMay 2, 2022

Strange flying objects have been caught on NASA’s cameras and astronauts have reported seeing UFOs. Some can be identified; others remain a mystery. We’ll reveal NASA footage and interview the astronauts and scientists.

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(48) comments

  • D'Antonio…mean "full of it" in Italian. The government want to spoon feed a pile of crap to people so they believe their narrative. Just like Oswald/Magic bullet theory/lone assassin.

  • Anyone with a 500 dollar telescope and a good camera can film incredible craft traversing the moon or lights flashing in craters so I'm pretty sure NASA knows full well who is already on the moon which then explains why we suddenly stopped going .Anyone who thinks the moon is vacant is obviously intellectually challenged..

  • Never a straight answer

  • ViralvideoMay 2, 2022Reply

    Take a moment to look around yourself and sorroundings,Animals,plants and even microscopic bacteria is alien life ,There is no way we are alone in the universe.

  • The Aliens know when we send anything in the atmosphere,, They know their better with their equipment. Not very close to ours. So they make them selves seen. It is simple. Aliens are real. I hope to see one close before I pass away.

  • D.R IzzyMay 2, 2022Reply

    This guy has an explanation for everything but look looked like a uap and glow to it was espectacular.

  • Jim ObergMay 2, 2022Reply

    So what's NASA's connection with supposed astronaut UFO encounter stories?

  • SoopafatboyMay 2, 2022Reply

    Yeah with the quality of cameras or the difficulty of obtaining a great picture it is hard to tell… Everything looks like a blob… But that image from 1991 tho man wtf

  • Nanoscopic life forms there are none of them mites they're lunar dust is what they're most referred to they are microscopic nanites that are more like the Eddie Murphy movie he is a starship that was sent down from another planet that their little tiny things inside of him that would take in their bunch of different bodies all that the little tiny people inside the body he would start to hear voices afterwards little tiny voice is talking to him all the time right now there's a nanites up on top of those there and nanoscopic organism life forms which you would think you would be separated from but they could get inside of anything they have an ability that has been unmatched on this Earth since well we'll say Clinton throwing the giant rock dust down here and trying to hit him with the moons Russian big explosions over Russia and when all the nanites came down here yeah something like that I mean I don't know what are those stars like spectacles on the outside of The Craft

  • Unexplainable phenomenon nuclear bomb blast over the North Pole all right so I'm going to have to ask for all red Rick amongst the concept of spinning around the North Pole and running around the solar orbit back to the South Pole and make sure we keep the magnetic polarity up on the simile and the same thing with the moon cuz apparently they're going to start shooting at the Moon again and titanium rods of gods sand down and go ahead and pop a couple of those underground bunker launch facilities that Russia has the rods of gods those thank you guys I hate to be the burden but I mean I'm just saying the nuclear bomb over the North Pole one of those little things neither one of those little try and put out the lights over in the night and the magnetic sphere up on the nuclear power plants in America don't they know we polarized them already the only thing it does is put out their own lights I mean never mind I mean not never mind but thank you for helping me out with this one

  • Wow….stuff floating in space……….Ever see the model of how much space junk is floating in orbit around our earth? It's crazy how much.

  • When you consider the age of the universe and then the amount of time humans have been developing technologically (no more than a few thousand years), it's conceivable that others may have been developing for millions of years. Think of where we will be in a million years (should we survive).

    I watched all these launches as a kid on a black and white console TV. I was 16 y/o when we landed on the moon which brought tears to my eyes along with Walter Cronkite. I was fascinated with anything regarding space.

  • In 1956 I, as a 21-year-old woman, was temporarily living with my parents in Wyoming while awaiting orders to follow my military husband overseas. We had attended a movie theater in town (the film was "High Society" with Bing Crosby) and while starting to drive home afterwards,14 miles away in an oil field, my mother asked my father, "When did they put a light at the top of the hill?" He said no light had been installed, but the light remained and it moved above us as we drove. My father stopped the car at one point and the bright light also stopped directly above. (At this point, I was in the back seat mentally trying to communicate: "We're friends, we're friends!") 😀 When we started to move again, so did the light. Upon arriving home, my mother yelled at one of my brothers (who was outside the house waiting for us), to run into the house and get the binoculars. At that exact moment, I watched the light as it shot over the far mountains in a blick of an eye. No one will ever convince me we're alone in this universe.

  • John FallonMay 2, 2022Reply

    Lets face it, earth is the "bad" neighborhood nice aliens are afraid to visit.

  • John FallonMay 2, 2022Reply

    In the navy I served on a carrier, one night jets launched and chased ufo's that made impossible moves, 90% turns, speeding away making jets using after burners look like they were standing still, I have always thought the "greys" were an artificial life form designed to handle the dangers of space travel.

  • Why do all and every single representative of "management" attempt to debunk and deny what our highly trained men saw? You'd think given the laws of chance at least one would give the astronauts viewpoints credence. Have any of these debunkers ever been in a space capsule let alone in space or under gone such physical rigorous training. Training on paper or on a screen is one thing to be physically present at the sighting is quite another.

  • The particles appear to be an intelligently controlled task to allay any danger posed by the tether to our astronauts cocooning it within their sphere of influence.

  • You can wish in one hand spit in the other…they will never reveal an iota that might give them an inkling of the possibility of losing control. We must gather as a people at a set time and with our innate ability of wireless communication reach out with our minds with a true representative thought of emotion and feeling of love and caring for all life. Any communication with our leaders will be seen for what they are -insidious greedy and controlling. A single beacon of one mind single mindedness of our true inherent goodness. We need to pick a time and emanate mass positive affirmations in an attempt to manifest signals of a loving compassionate people in search of higher powers.

  • John LiuMay 2, 2022Reply

    We all love star war films, but why we think we are special? I guess we cant wrap our heads around the idea that most aliens are much more advanced and intelligent than we are. Our fear and vision of high self esteem we must hold to survive in our society. Just look at our resource distribution structure, we still have kings and queens, most of us are slaves of our resource distribution system, we still fight wars for resource ideology or religion. So we are not really civilized . And all aliens reach the earth will be so many folds intelligent than earthlings. They look at us, we are not that different to insect, our living is not based on culture, only struggle for resource. We just don't consume each other like protein, that's all.

  • Tim BrewerMay 2, 2022Reply

    I am surprised the scientists didn't focus on the direction from which the shot seen to come from when the object turned right to avoid something.

  • We need more than just a office to investigate sighting reports. We need technology to detect and track these things plain and simple. We not only don't know what they are, but we don't know what they are doing here or where they are doing it. Just maybe its not mans behavior that's affecting the planet. We don't know.

  • I don’t believe that because there are as many planets in our solar system as there are of every single grain of sand is the main determining factor as to why some believe there are other planets that have life on it. It’s definitely a factor. In my humble opinion the main factor in determining if we’re alone. Is to ask what are the odds of another planet or solar system going through every event that led up to life on earth.

    We are positioned perfectly from our Sun. The moon is at a perfect distance to have positive effects in our Oceans. Other planets have moons but their moons are not imperative to their planets survival since none of them have water that’s required to sustain life.

    For us to consider if we’re alone or not we must understand that every event, every catastrophic event had to take place for us to be here today. For other life forms and humans to exist their planet has to be placed perfectly and stabilized in their solar system. The planet would have to form an atmosphere. The planet would require Conditions to cause Photosynthesis. An unimaginable amount of asteroids hauling water would have to strike earth over billions of years to sustain or form anything that could be classified as a form of life.

    In conclusion, every event or catastrophic event that has happened on earth would also need to occur in order to sustain life. The wanna be earth planet would require fresh water. Several varieties of animals and plants would be required for food. If not, human aliens will not exist. The point being that everything is and was perfect on our planet and in our galaxy for us to exist. There’s more of a case that God or higher power is why everything is placed perfectly for us to exist and live. The odds of all these events to take place twice is unrealistic and unbelievable. Having trillions of planets in the universe is expected and surprises no one. Planets form frequently in Geological time. What’s almost impossible is for at least one of those planets to be placed perfectly in the universe and go through many changes and events that lead to life. All the conditions required for sustainable life points to Odds are, we’re alone. It’s to perfect to be random and luck as to why we’re here. For me it points to a God and creator.

  • James MMay 2, 2022Reply

    Why does SETI ignore video evidence contact testimony? They only deal with radio waves? That has never made sense.

  • Maybe their floaters in peoples eyes. 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jon HildahlMay 2, 2022Reply

    SETI uses radio technology, I find it hard to believe that ET's would use such an outdated technology…unless they're stuck in traffic & wanna listen to talk radio.

  • Angel?

  • We can NEVER trust what NASA reports about space as they've consistantly both censored and lied about the data. They should be defunded.

  • Justin LezuMay 2, 2022Reply

    Everyone’s talking aliens have you ever thought these sources of light might be spiritual all throughout the Bible angels appear to people with brilliant bright light all around them

  • Keep trying to deny their existence Tonio…I'm sure they would rather keep people doubting their existence. We have no business outside the bounds of this earth. Why would they want our unpredictable and evil behavior to be spread among the stars? Think of all the s#!+ that we can't fix here on our little planet. All the sick twisted evil that we cannot seem to control. No way can we leave here.

  • Fascinating stuff. Great watch, instant subscribe!

  • Panzer WhoMay 2, 2022Reply

    What a lot of garbage.

  • Mc Divit saw a spy satellite.

  • RobeetMay 2, 2022Reply

    God speed john glenn gave me chills

  • They are slowly but surely coming they're merely observing from a distance waiting and allowing us to destroy ourselves they will come when they know we're too far gone to save our planet and make it habitable and healthy enough for humans to survive on our planet still watch mark my word we will destroy ourselves by destroying our planet.

  • Jim CulbertMay 2, 2022Reply

    We are among you. You have now been informed. By the way, the toilet on the spaceship is full. Where can we empty it?

  • Do the math. The probability that we are alone…is zero. Billions of different beings exist. The probability that we are the most advanced…also zero. Earth age versus universe (which we could be off by multiples) dictates that we are newborns. We are not alone. Pray that “advancement” translates into learning to accept our differences, learning to appreciate and value all life, and growing God’s greatest gift…love. Peace my fellow beings.

  • this guy denying things sounds like a hater ancient astronaut theorist would say yes! #wearenotalone

  • NOTMYNAMEMay 2, 2022Reply

    For the last one…

    When you suggest its a reflection, if you have no explanation as to what could be reflecting the light then you’re just trying to create a distraction.

  • Figuratively speaking, we are nothing but the dream of a creator in the dream of another creator, existing much like the dreams we have every night, existing for a moment and then as a slowly fading memory. Though where in that timeline we shall never know because time is just a dream concept that exists while we do. What we see as UFO's are the reflections we see that are like the people we see in our own dreams. Everything we see that we don't understand and are not capable of understanding are the reflections. We have this feeling that we know or are capable of knowing but we can never realize that hope, because we are only part of the dream. This is why everything around us is related. We mirror both the infinitely large and infinitely small; from atoms to galaxies from blood to rivers, from insects to elephants and from the big bang to the creation of life.
    Sound crazy, of course it does, but that is why everything was preceded by the word "figuratively". On the other hand, when speaking about the unknowable, right or wrong are indistinguishable concepts.


  • R 8May 2, 2022Reply

    I was abducted last month and appointed cosmic ruler of planet ooky dookey. They transported me back to earth because of the supply chain delay in building my office.

  • And the answers never change they always try to take people for what they're not not everybody's on mushrooms I guess so let them have the truth Even the Bible says we're not alone he went to make other worldy beans

  • Why is NASA and the other agencies always lie about what they see in space by now they should have the balls to come out and say what it is especially in time of war we don't even know what we're waiting for it's time to let the world know what's out there it can't be any scarier than what we're living today are we waiting for Armageddon to release the truth and why

  • I’ve always felt that we’ve had help from some entities that were far more advanced than us . We went from flying a plane to having space craft and amazing technological advances in less than 100 years . I have always believed that the ability to advance our civilization so quickly must be from some kind of intervention from something far more intelligent than us . It just seems unbelievable that we could master flying and space travel in that short of a period on our own .

  • J TownMay 2, 2022Reply

    🤣🤣🤣 you people are so indoctrinated it saddens me..

  • I was engaged with a woman who worked at NASA in the 60s she said astronauts radioed down to Houston they saw a ufo she received the call v p is her initials

  • J MmMay 2, 2022Reply

    jim oberg will try and debunk everything. 🙄

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