What To Expect When You're Expecting Trailer

Cineworld CinemasMay 3, 2022

See the trailer for What To Expect When You’re Expecting released on the 23 May 2012 at selected Cineworld Cinemas. Visit http://www.cineworld.com for more info and booking.

An all-star romantic comedy about the joys – and surprises! – of impending parenthood.

Five couples have very different experiences as their lives change forever with the arrival of a baby. Self-centred Jules (Cameron Diaz) and Evan (Matthew Morrison) discover that the demands of pregnancy put a brake on their celebrity lifestyles. Baby-crazy author Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) is alarmed to lose control over her body and emotions. Her hubby Gary (Ben Felcone) is intimidated by his own dad, Ramsey (Dennis Quaid), who’s expecting twins with trophy wife Skyler (Brooklyn Decker). Photographer Holly (Jennifer Lopez) wants to adopt a child, while reluctant husband Alex (Rodrigo Santoro) seeks solace in a ‘dudes’ support group. And rival chefs Rosie (Anna Kendrick) and Marco (Chace Crawford) are facing pregnancy before they’ve even had their first date! Inspired by the enduring 1984 bestseller, this sparkling, truthful comedy is a treat for parents – and prospective parents – everywhere.

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  • Erin MMay 3, 2022Reply

    Does anyone know what song plays in the Scene before Holly loses her job, when she's photographing in the tank
    The lyrics I hear are 'never gonna stop no keep it going going on' I can't find the song please, does anyone know?!

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