What We Do In The Shadows (Official Trailer) Reaction

#StruggleNationMay 6, 2022

Original Video: https://youtu.be/IAZEWtyhpes

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(34) comments

  • KittyMay 6, 2022Reply

    😄😄😄😄you sound like Travis from astroworld

  • LouMay 6, 2022Reply

    Went way over their heads.

  • Did these guys think this is a real documentary or an action movie? I think it was lost on them

  • Don Mak7May 6, 2022Reply

    The show is based on a movie? I didnt know that ill have to check it out.

  • hope you guys saw this film by now, its fucking hilarious and the spin off show on FX is just as funny!

  • Mike QueenMay 6, 2022Reply

    They just look so confused lol, Season 1-2 are out now.

  • i liked the 10 seconds you payed attention

  • Cool ClideMay 6, 2022Reply

    This show sucks I can only enjoy it drinking about 24 Colt 45 and then I can f**** enjoy it lame-ass show please take it off FX least play at about 4 a.m. in the morning this show is ruining FX

  • Did you end up watching it?

  • It's filmed in New Zealand

  • Marie annMay 6, 2022Reply

    Why they covered

  • KipperBillMay 6, 2022Reply

    Yall are only 2 years out of date….

  • dorks

  • 200th like man

  • GabrielMay 6, 2022Reply

    Seriously one of the best films of the last 10 years.

  • Plz react to "Get out" trailer.

  • This movie is so funny, you guys need to watch it.

  • the boyMay 6, 2022Reply

    this movie is hilarious bro. it came out last year

  • YoJuekxMay 6, 2022Reply

    that movie was made in newzealand

  • Big JayMay 6, 2022Reply

    Real World Vampires…

  • "When shit is free, it's extra good"- That's a brilliant quote. So true. XD

  • If you guys are doing old joints..check the opening scene of this incredible series 'UTOPIA' – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01VGtX9xfh0
    Mind you..you would be hooked onto this until you finish watching each and every episode!

  • seen it on cinemax is pretty funny dry funny but still.

  • jeian agtasMay 6, 2022Reply

    I fucking love that movie

  • I want to see this movie 😂😂😂

  • EH MiguelMay 6, 2022Reply

    its from last year, I think. I've seen it its pretty hilarious.

  • Dudes new RWBY trailer out! You NEED to see it!

  • yo I beg of you to do a review on this because I watched this movie one night thinking this was going to be boring but the things they thought of including history or the traditional of vampires and even some ideas from other vampire movies (ex. a scene from lost boys) and I laughing and couldn't go back to sleep much… mind you this is a independent film but this is to me a cult classic.. but the directors also plays the vampires viago and vladislav and are brilliant in real life…
    fun fact: Taika Waititi (director and star of this film) also played in green lantern as Ryan Reynolds Friend Tom Kalmaku

  • hMay 6, 2022Reply

    Please watch MVI_212 by Brandon Rogers

  • Silent is savage, Struggle just took an L on that "You are a shadow". Dayum LMAO #HeWasntReady

  • the Hangover with vampires

  • it is already out I think 😊

  • Reda MoumniMay 6, 2022Reply

    react on Pirates of the Carribean dead men no tales trailer

  • Please watch the trailer for "Fearless" on Netflix

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