What We Do in the Shadows – Official Trailer

Madman FilmsApril 30, 2022

Some interviews with some vampires.

Flatmates Viago (#TaikaWaititi), Deacon (Jonny Brugh), and Vladislav (Jemaine Clement) are three vampires who are just trying to get by in modern society; from paying rent and sticking to the housework roster to trying to get invited in to nightclubs, they’re just like anyone else – except they’re immortal and must feast on human blood.

When their 8000 year-old flatmate Petyr, turns 20-something human hipster Nick, into a vampire, the guys must teach him the ropes and guide him through his new found eternal life. And in return they are forced to learn a thing or two about modern society, fashions, technology, and the internet. But it’s the introduction of Nick’s human friend, Stu, that really changes the vampire’s lives and attitudes towards the ever-changing world around them.

When Stu’s life is threatened, the vamps show us that maybe humans are worth fighting for, and that even though your heart may be cold and dead, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel anything. #WhatWeDoInTheShadows

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(39) comments

  • Richie CunaApril 30, 2022Reply


  • Karthik MishraApril 30, 2022Reply

    My review: hilarious!

  • GBA PHOTOSApril 30, 2022Reply

    bạn là tấm gương vượt khó cho ae 😍

  • Stefan SmithApril 30, 2022Reply

    Những sáng tác của Sỹ Luân nghe mãi ko phai.. Phúc hát rất hay và ấm áp

  • Lilycheese4April 30, 2022Reply

    After showing my friend Our Flag Means Death, I mentioned this movie in passing as "a vampire comedy with Taika Waititi" and instantly she wanted to watch it. It really just sells itself from there, huh.

  • Boo Luh TeyhApril 30, 2022Reply

    I was damn your victim and your fan. 😂😂😂

  • Kaka JohnApril 30, 2022Reply

    Diễn vậy mà cũng diễn được

  • Katia UstulinApril 30, 2022Reply

    I want to share with you the truth and life. 

    All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). God is holy and the punishment for sin is Hell. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 6:23). Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). He died on the cross and rose again on the third day for us all. Repent of your sins, believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him into your heart and follow Him.

  • Michele HoodApril 30, 2022Reply

    Great movie and my husband needs to watch this!

  • cutropiamassimoApril 30, 2022Reply

    Really a good show,my god this is the end.really boring and bad

  • I havent watch this movie wtf

  • Кто ещё только сейчас осознал, что у них саунтрек Ленинграда?

  • kazzyApril 30, 2022Reply

    all time fave

  • God the series is just as hilarious.

  • 0 1April 30, 2022Reply

    eeh not the best trailer… amazing movie, though

  • Nooce LuapApril 30, 2022Reply

    I hate to sound xenophobic but wtf is up with New Zealand – some of the quirkiest funniest shit ever comes from there.
    "Hunt for the Wilderpeople" is another NZ jewel and of course "Flight of the Conchords". What We Do In the Shadows beats the pants off of Shaun of the Dead – and I loved Shaun of the Dead.

  • Dhinakar RoyApril 30, 2022Reply

    We're not having flat meeting about how cool you are😂

  • Richard WhalleyApril 30, 2022Reply

    First few minutes are OK and the rest is crap.

  • Anarky 39April 30, 2022Reply

    I was living under a rock for a few years to not find this gem, this movie was hilarious

  • This movie is like of Flight of the Concords

  • Elsbeth MoonfallApril 30, 2022Reply

    I've only seen the comedy series, so hearing that there's a movie with a similar premise and title really excited me. Now I need to watch this movie or I think I might die.

  • Greco CabaneroApril 30, 2022Reply

    I prefer this over shaun of the dead. But films were great though.

  • This really bites.

  • AngelEyesApril 30, 2022Reply

    Just watched this on TV in the UK for the first time ever and it had me chuckling all the way through. Quite hilarious and seriously well acted, scripted and shot. Superb.

  • SychuiApril 30, 2022Reply

    This movie has so many quotable lines, with my favourite probably being: "I like to think of it like this: If you're going to eat a sandwhich, you would just enjoy it more if you knew no-one had fucked it."

  • Julie NorthApril 30, 2022Reply

    Deacon: I think we drink virgin blood because… it sounds cool.
    Vladislav: I think of it like this: If you are going to eat a sandwich, you would just enjoy it more if you knew no one had fucked it.

  • Xorn ChaoroyApril 30, 2022Reply

    gonna be gold if Taika and Jemaine can go on Conan

  • GlasgowLassApril 30, 2022Reply

    Why were the cast changed for the series, anyone know?

  • Skysdalimit247April 30, 2022Reply

    This doesn't make sense. If they can't be seen in the mirror, then shouldn't be able to be seen on the camera either. lol

  • Charlie MarkovicApril 30, 2022Reply

    Peter was by far, the most interesting, complex, multi faceted character. He appeared to be a hard man but he had a definite warmth about him.

  • BoblarsonApril 30, 2022Reply

    Wow, that's fucking terrible!

  • DRIFTApril 30, 2022Reply

    This looks like a really shitty ripoff of The Office.

  • Betty BerovaApril 30, 2022Reply

    Remind me to watch this 😄

  • AriApril 30, 2022Reply

    I just learnt its existence today.

  • Vacky vacky rise and shine. Love this movie!

  • royandescartesApril 30, 2022Reply

    when he said the dishes had not been done in 5 years, i went to wash the 2 glasses i used.

  • Andrea leeApril 30, 2022Reply

    Nick's my favorite though
    We all love stew

  • Andrea leeApril 30, 2022Reply

    I definitely be deacon of the group lmao.

  • Rachel BellenoitApril 30, 2022Reply

    My younger son told me about this when I told him I started watching the series on streaming. This was a great precursor to the series! Reminding me of Shaun of the Dead. Fun to watch a movie that makes you laugh every 10 minutes!

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