What We Do In The Shadows – Sydney Film Festival Interview

Madman FilmsMay 5, 2022

Some interview with some vampires (Taika Waititi, Jonny Brugh & Jemaine Clement), from Sydney Film Festival, 2014.
Out now on disc and digital.
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http://www.whatwedointheshadows.com – ‘What We Do in the Shadows’, directed by Jemaine Clement (one half of Flight of the Conchords) & Taika Waititi (BOY), about three vampires flatting together in the suburbs of Wellington, NZ.

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  • Blue DogMay 5, 2022Reply

    I freakin love this movie!

  • Hear me out, those 148.5 hours of left over footage and bloopers, post it ALLL right like on Netflix or something but in episodes right

  • – Where is Petyr?
    – Petyr is 8000 years old. We’re not going to have Petyr at the meeting.

  • why did I see the the thumbnail and think the Jonas Brothers were being interviewed 😭

  • Jonny looks so small inbetween Taika and Jermaine 😂

  • Please do a sequel to what we do in the shadows.

  • Maila MakuaMay 5, 2022Reply

    Now I want puttanesca 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

  • The Daniel O'Donnell head on Jonny Brugh.

  • M DMay 5, 2022Reply

    I can handle seeing Vlad and Viago out of character but not Deacon. so weird

  • OweeMay 5, 2022Reply

    "Vampires don't do dishes"

  • This is my favourite film ever its hilarious ……petyr on fire " what's that" …." It's petyr "….sorry made me laugh so much xxxx

  • mz pinkeyezMay 5, 2022Reply

    That's funny the whole ring on the table thing, It's real they used to do it back in day!! 😁

  • Mark PettisMay 5, 2022Reply

    Thank you thank you guys for making this movie actually went out and bought DVD which I haven’t done that for a movie in a long time it’s great and worth seeing again and again

  • mikodaMay 5, 2022Reply

    The idea of using a table to eat directly off of is triflin' but smart haha

  • I’m getting a major crash on Taika Waititi

  • Precious little cinnamon rolls ❤

  • id watch the full 150 hours

  • A mate chicken?

  • Jesus FreakMay 5, 2022Reply

    Makes me want to watch flight of the conchords too

  • Jesus FreakMay 5, 2022Reply

    Highlarious movie! Just watched it last night and am still laughing!

  • RHAddictMay 5, 2022Reply

    There needs to be a TV show! Can't get enough of those characters!

  • Taika looks so handsome right here 😍😍😍

  • Greetings from Dubai <3

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