Alien 3 (1992) KILL COUNT

Dead MeatMay 5, 2022

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(38) comments

  • Dead MeatMay 5, 2022Reply

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  • Mad MaxMay 5, 2022Reply

    where be that comparison its been like 5 years

  • Soren DaeinMay 5, 2022Reply

    That line James came out with at 10:12 was a Monty Python reference.

  • Jack PennMay 5, 2022Reply

    Why didn't the dull machete go to newt???

  • kills: (1:37, Rebeca "Newt" Jorden) (1:49, Corporal Hicks [actually Turk] ) (2:04, Bishup [1st time] )
    (4:26, bodies [burnt], Rotweiler [killed] ) (5:24, Murphy) (6:47, Rains) (6:58, Boggs) (7:16, Bishup [for real] ) (8:18, Clemens) (8:44, Superintendent Andrews) (9:52, Frank) (9:59, 9 inmates) (11:48, Vincent) (12:12, Troy) (12:20, David) (12:32, Kevin) (12:54, Eric & Willian) (13:07, Jude) (13:13, Gregor) (13:43, Dillon) (14:10, Runner Xenomorph) (14:47, Aaron "85") (15:00, LT. Ellen Ripley & Chestburster)

  • Erik BjelkeMay 5, 2022Reply

    The problem with this film is best summed up by the "Wreckage and Rage" documentary on the Blu-Ray: "Fox didn't set out to make a movie, they set out to make a release date." The teaser had been released and the release date locked in before they had a director, writer, script, or even a concept, so every other decision was made under that time pressure. When Fincher was finally brought on board, he was handed fragments of at least five different scripts, none related to each other, told to figure it out while including whatever creative ideas the executives came up with.

    This resulted in a production that was no fun for anyone involved, which probably only enhanced the film's bleak, nihilistic tone to near-unbearable levels. Some of the ideas present in earlier scripts are pretty interesting, but none of those are the film that ultimately got made.

  • BOBMay 5, 2022Reply


  • I'd love to see the theatrical cut vs the assembly cut I'm a massive alien fan and appreciate all the films (even resurrection) but the assembly cut is a brilliant film and is much improved over the theatrical so hopefully get to see a cut comparison one day

  • xR0NINxMay 5, 2022Reply

    Still prefer the comic version of events where newt and hicks survive and earth gets infested (even if newt and hicks live a pretty crappy 10 years before seeing each other again)

  • DeskaijitorMay 5, 2022Reply

    I think this movie really suffered from them trying to use CGI before it was actually developed well enough to be used to that extent. Many of the CGI scenes could have been done even better (at the time) with practical effects. Instead, they wanted to use CGI that wasn’t ready. The CGI here only really worked when the Xenomorph had to run by very quickly, for example, in the piston room.

  • Uh i know runners came out from ox or you said ox for some reason

  • Aliens is a MasterPiece and Alien is Good but not a masterpiece

  • I'm sad because Jonesy the cat is not here but I'm also happy because he's not a corpse……

  • Waggly CarpMay 5, 2022Reply

    I can't stand the weird effects for the alien runner when it's on the ceiling. The puppet itself is cool, but the effects for when it moves are horrid.

  • the alien was done with a bluescreen and a puppet in shots.

  • underrated?

  • DILLON BELLMay 5, 2022Reply

    @13:53 Hey, I’m not dead! Lol

  • TheLapsterMay 5, 2022Reply

    What is with the third movie of every franchise? Spiderman 3. Jurassic Park 3. Alien 3.

  • ryanMay 5, 2022Reply

    holy shit roland tembo is in this movie

  • Tbf, Newt's actor probably would have grown, whilst Newt wouldn't have, soit was probably easier to just kill her off.

  • It's the worst alien ever

  • The dog got killed by a chest burster and became a Xenomorph

  • JAMES LUNEMay 5, 2022Reply

    in the books and novels newt and ripley go back to earth, ripleys daughter has a family, which later is blackmailed by wayland into going back to an alien mine in sea of sorrows.
    Personally my favorite alien franchise character is Marsalis

  • Clemons is one of my favorite characters. Also the alien itself is great and scary. It’s a 6/10 it’s biggest sin is killing off all of the amazing characters

  • I was told not to watch this movie so I just stuck with this video. I actually liked Hicks

  • I was really hoping James would call him Tywin the whole episode.

  • Toast.May 5, 2022Reply

    Correction: it’s Alien cubed.

  • CreamIceMay 5, 2022Reply

    My big problem with this movie us the dog getting hurt

  • This film wasn’t really good even though they succeeded in the box office..

  • I can’t believe the dog died in this one 🥺🥺🥺🥺but the movie it’s pretty awesome 🤩 I liked it a lot BOOM BABY 😎

  • I always laugh when the chest buster comes out of Ripley as she's falling. Too silly to have any impact

  • It won’t let me watch alien 2 kill count

  • 8:05 Oof, and I was just starting to like her 🙁

  • ferox965May 5, 2022Reply

    I liked this one more than the last. I like that it wasn't just an action film.

  • Noooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Adam DolevMay 5, 2022Reply


  • Well I'm gonna grab my best aerosol of weapons and armor and of course patch my dog up in the infirmary and kick some alien ass.

  • I hated that they killed off newt she could have been there to motivate ripley to keep fight to protect her instead of the inmates (by "her" I meant newt)

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