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In the year 2050, Dr. Ada Gray and her fellow astronauts aboard The Udo fight for survival after an accident leaves them stranded in deep space.

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Rating: 5.00
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(43) comments

  • @ المختار نور نجم سهيل ثورة علم المفوض السامي العام رمز الاءمن والسلام لمكافحة ءالاءرهاب لمنع الحرب ليعم الاءمن والاءمان والسلام الدولي عام بتحرير الوطن العربي ءامريكة تركية هولندءالمانيا اليابان المندوب السامي العام لمنظمة الاءمم المتحدة للسلام الموسيقا قناة غنوة الفضاءية رمز الاءمن والسلام الدولي عام

  • I have to admit that the storyline sounds B O R I N G, but the comments all say otherwise. I'm gonna give it a try.
    I've found that the armchair critics are so much more spot on than the: movie critics that are actually getting credit for rating a movie.
    I trust us, not them.

  • Making me need a xanax…

  • bla-bla-bla-bla-space….Have a coffee, take a walk – anything is better than wasting time on such wtf kind of movies.

  • jon denmarkMay 3, 2022Reply

    Must have cost 50p to make

  • This is like Star Trek realism

  • Thomas KMay 3, 2022Reply


  • Found the anticipation so difficult ,but great movie,would have liked a nice green ending though.

  • Ed braunnMay 3, 2022Reply

    damn gud movie dude

  • Tedious and boring

  • I feel sorry for the ones who forced themselves to watch the whole thing. After 10 min., I muted it for the next 10, then quickly skipped through the rest to see if it changed, but it seems to be 90% drama. /pass

  • WTF was that? this is my new late night go to movie when I want to fall asleep.

  • CB SnowMay 3, 2022Reply

    Cool movie

  • RT ShawMay 3, 2022Reply

    Slogged through to the end ugh! I want my time back!

  • Naz ThomasMay 3, 2022Reply

    Wow I see they’ve got old men in space

  • ijams sumMay 3, 2022Reply

    Ceres is now occupied with a colony from Germany according to whistle blowers !
    There very strict and you must do your job to eat and its like slavery !

  • Terrible.

  • why do film makers seem to make the music so loud you cannot hear what the actors are saying?

  • Tons of Bullshits ….. Absolute waste of time ….

  • Their actions are not what trained astronauts would actually do. In an emergency pilots aviate navigate and communicate in that order. These three falling apart during the accident……..unprofessional……unrealistic…..too much crying swearing……..I am out of here…..

  • Wow! Great film. Very suspenseful. Thanks.

  • Eric KneeceMay 3, 2022Reply

    excellent story monte, thank you for blessing us with this wonderful film, looking forward to more scifi from you/

  • never seen a worse, more boring poor acting space movie. Couldn't watch more then 40 minutes of it. looks like movie shot all in one room, lol

  • These fight in space movies piss me off.

    The crew is in ‘deep space’. That’s point A. There might be safety at points B, C and D. That’s the deal.

    So the lost in space crew have XXX delta V available to them. Then they do the maths on safe places for them B C D and determine the delta V requirements to get to each safe place. They either have the delta V available or they do not. There is no struggle the maths is the maths and it’s complicated to determine delta V’s between two points.

  • Swearing sucks. So, no more watching for me, thus no feedback other than this

  • B O R I N G…………

  • WOW …. I'm not a big commenter as there's usually not much to comment about. But regarding this movie ….there is. In my opinion, this is the worst movie in every way i have seen in decades. From the terrible casting … Being ADA the 4 foot 9 chubby misunderstood teen type to the 6ft 8 85yo Maddog country singer wannabe , The French guys who looked like a farmer from 1882 period movie to Mitch the bitch ..The budget set with the plastic model of the ship and the crocked plastic helmets…. .To the graphic design andthe acting to the plot etc etc etc etc. Who funded this?… Or is this a Public Broadcasting having a nightmare? Monte Light ..WTF were you smoking when you wrote this? A bad batch of Crack? It's like the Event Horizon movie from a terrible talantless alternate universe . In the end when Ada was naked … I just preyed she wasn't going to turn around . To the other crack smokers who liked this movie.Please forgive my negativity. It sounds like i'm a hater.. But i'm not.. Sometimes things just have to be said .

  • This is just so much bullshit! Dwarf planets cannot hold air & water & they certainly are not interstellar etc. … etc. … . Is this crap a result of the Federal Govt.'s Astronomical[sic] funding cuts to the US education system? "Look on My Works Ye Mighty & Despair!"


  • Gabi BlissMay 3, 2022Reply

    It was depressing. Sorry, but truth. And actress was also hard to watch.

  • One of the worst movies i ever watched………………

  • The outlook kids have on science fiction and the future of how movies are made is like I know what you did last summer meets a bad B rated 70s flick……please grow up

  • i hope we can see more of space concept another crew different story same space / same universe you know what i mean Have some more fun

  • totally repugnant …

  • The psychological stress of relationships in a confined area and long duration flight culminated in a suspenseful nail biting ending. Well worth watching.

  • Awesome movie.

  • Ben CarusoMay 3, 2022Reply

    This is an awesome movie! All of the acting is Top Notch! The story is solid. The director did a fantastic job! Love it!

  • Great acting, just don't understand the plot. Why did such a small leak cause them to abandon such a huge vessel. What happened to Phil? What happened to Mitch? What happened to Evan? What happened to mission control? And WTF happened at the end? So many questions leave me disliking this movie.

  • Paul TurnerMay 3, 2022Reply

    Toooo much unnecessary Curing. Sooooooo adolescent.

  • Marcus WoodMay 3, 2022Reply

    What a circus!

  • Space Trucker Bruce completely blows this out of the water, or space….

  • Don't bother. Little more than an anti religious film with unlikeable characters, boring and not much a a plot. I was offended.

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