What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012) – 'Dudes Group' Official Trailer #2

Lionsgate MoviesMay 1, 2022

Inspired by the perennial New York Times bestseller of the same name, WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING is a hilarious and heartfelt big screen comedy about five couples whose intertwined lives are turned upside down by the challenges of impending parenthood.

Over the moon about starting a family, TV fitness guru Jules and dance show star Evan find that their high-octane celebrity lives don’t stand a chance against the surprise demands of pregnancy. Baby-crazy author and advocate Wendy gets a taste of her own militant mommy advice when pregnancy hormones ravage her body; while Wendy’s husband, Gary, struggles not to be outdone by his competitive alpha-Dad, who’s expecting twins with his much younger trophy wife, Skyler. Photographer Holly is prepared to travel the globe to adopt a child, but her husband Alex isn’t so sure, and tries to quiet his panic by attending a “dudes” support group, where new fathers get to tell it like it really is. And rival food truck chefs Rosie and Marco’s surprise hook-up results in an unexpected quandary: what to do when your first child comes before your first date?

A kaleidoscopic comedy as universal as it is unpredictable, WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING finds humor and uplift in all the unexpected trials and triumphs of welcoming a child into the world. The film stars Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Chace Crawford, Brooklyn Decker, Anna Kendrick, Matthew Morrison, Dennis Quaid, Chris Rock, Rodrigo Santoro, Ben Falcone and Joe Manganiello.

Rating: 5.00
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  • Jรก vi o filme e o melhor de todos ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Yass jlo is in it and Cameron Diaz love this <3

  • This was really helpful, I love it!

  • pure feminist fantasy – women if you honestly want real men to behave like this – enjoy being single!
    Real men are protective and manly and will not behave like well trained obedient effeminate slaves to you

  • Anna kendrik is so hot

  • Did this bitch really just sneeze the baby out of her?!

  • You're still typing…

  • since i have better things to do with my life and you clearly don't, i really don't want to spend even 20 seconds having this stupid fight with you. reply back all you want, but to be perfectly honest with you, i really don't give a shit. hugs and kisses love and thanks for your pointless comments, its exactly what i wanted

  • Oh, and you expect me to know all this? At least you don't stain your clothes from blood every few months! I am not stupid or a female dog, stop spazzing.

  • I never said I have it bad, ive seen AND heard about women with those issues. No, I do not live in the middle east, and its probably no different than the rest of the world with the issues on women. You people need to understand that im not saying women have it worse, im not saying men have it worse, im not saying i have it worse, im just responding to ONE person. Because they said women should be in the kitchen. If you don't like pissing with a boner, THEN DON'T GET ONE, simple as that.

  • Sorry for trying to shut up someone who made a pointless comment. If you don't like it, then don't bother with me because you're only wasting your time.

  • Kris CMay 1, 2022Reply

    Fuck off


  • WTF how did i get here from watching one direction

  • lady:i want an epidural.
    husband name gary:u said u didnt want the epidural and even if u ask for it that was just the crazy….
    lady: {slaps gary} GARY GET ME THE JUICE!! XD

  • Kris CMay 1, 2022Reply

    NOW I KNOW THAT VOICE! It's the zebra from Madagascar ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Not that I don't find this whole gender battle thing on here entertaining, but if I may make a suggestion, why don't you all go out and actually live your lives (assuming you all have one) because quite frankly most of you r just being immature

  • sorry for trying to shut up someone who made a pointless comment. if you don't like it, then don't bother with me because youre only wasting your time. thanks and goodbye

  • 15 DecadesMay 1, 2022Reply

    How stupid are movies gonna get? One of the many reasons america is so dumbed down…

  • how the hell did i get here from mortal kombat??

  • Panda PowerMay 1, 2022Reply

    She was not pointing out that women have it worse, she was trying to show that women arent dirt compared to men! have you seen the comment she was replying to? thats not "feminist crap," shes pointing out that men arent the only ones with problems, which is your own point. Quit arguing if your just gonna be like that!

  • Megan JonesMay 1, 2022Reply

    It's funny because she was in an episode of Scrubs giving birth, and she wanted an epidural there too. xD

  • Well theres Mr. Schuester… 1:23

  • Just wondering how it's funny…

  • MADFACEPSPMay 1, 2022Reply

    dude your comment was funny, why are you so angry?

  • What's so funny?

  • MADFACEPSPMay 1, 2022Reply


  • Nope, sorry. You can make it yourself like I said before, it's not like you're crippled.

  • xD thats funny -guy with no baby- bu- -guy with baby- no jugging! -guy with no baby- -_-

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  • Mary OseiMay 1, 2022Reply

    simply a douche like brangelina

  • MADFACEPSPMay 1, 2022Reply

    LOL some seems like they are on there period right now….and I m still waiting for that sandwich

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  • Sahel JadeMay 1, 2022Reply


  • This makes no point. All you did was make a dick joke.

  • gofwd77May 1, 2022Reply

    looks funny

  • meganm0717May 1, 2022Reply

    Omg, this was just TOO funny. Am I going to fight a man? Hell yeah, I am. And since I acknowledge that he is physically stronger than I, I have no qualms about taking a baseball bat with me, or my shotgun. There is so such thing as fighting unfairly, as long as you win the fight. So quit your bitchin, sugar, and go do something more productive than complaining on the internet.

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