What We Do in the Shadows Opening Scene (2014) – Vampire Mocumentary HD

Movieclips IndieApril 30, 2022

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What We Do in the Shadows Opening Scene (2014) – Vampire Mocumentary HD

Follow the lives of Viago (Taika Waititi), Deacon (Jonathan Brugh), and Vladislav (Jemaine Clement) – three flatmates who are just trying to get by and overcome life’s obstacles-like being immortal vampires who must feast on human blood. Hundreds of years old, the vampires are finding that beyond sunlight catastrophes, hitting the main artery, and not being able to get a sense of their wardrobe without a reflection-modern society has them struggling with the mundane like paying rent, keeping up with the chore wheel, trying to get into nightclubs, and overcoming flatmate conflicts.

Rating: 5.00
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  • Mary FiaolaApril 30, 2022Reply


  • DigiMethApril 30, 2022Reply

    I'm a New Zealander but I strangely didn't really find this film that funny. Similar to Boy and Eagle vs shark it started quite well, but eventually kinda goes nowhere and loses its razzle dazzle. I remember checking my watch a few times to see how long the movie had been running for, Guess it's not for everybody. Nice to put NZ on the map for films though. Chur Taika my kuz.

  • BrandonApril 30, 2022Reply

    This started out as a short film on YouTube. Years later they actually make it into a feature film.

  • Miss SpazApril 30, 2022Reply

    I am Petyr.

  • RonnieApril 30, 2022Reply

    2:26 Looks like Frank Zappa.

  • Donna BarrApril 30, 2022Reply

    I get up like that sometimes. Does our library have this? YES IT DOES. 😳😍

  • Cittamy xDApril 30, 2022Reply

    Nữ hoàng giấu dấu vân tay… 浪浪浪

  • LOVEisLOVEApril 30, 2022Reply

    Chúc cho Đức Thật nhiều sức khỏe.

  • Your DrummerApril 30, 2022Reply

    Fun fact: the actor that plays Viago, also plays Korg in the Marvel Universe.

  • Derrick MosbyApril 30, 2022Reply

    Tuyet vời quá cô Mây ơi. Cảm ơn cô Mây nhiều nhiều 😍😍😍

  • Constance WatsonApril 30, 2022Reply

    Vốn những bài hát ngày xưa đã rất hay rồi mà thêm giọng hát giàu cảm xúc của Phúc nữa thì đúng là cực phẩm cover😍

  • Mr YukApril 30, 2022Reply

    3:54 🤣

  • Peter would not be a good babysitter

  • Meme JaydenApril 30, 2022Reply

    Cảm giác như mk đang đc nghe 1 bản nhạc chữa lành vậy đó. Giọng hát của đp rất đặc biệt, nhẹ nhàng tình cảm. Xem video thôi đã hay ntn r, ghen tị vs ekip qaa nghe hát live chắc hay gấp 💯lần lunn

  • tam minhApril 30, 2022Reply

    Bà thật là sạch sẽ 🙂

  • jagadishgowda SApril 30, 2022Reply

    Nếu thích bản cover này của Đức Phúc thì hãy chia sẻ thật nhiều ạ. Ekip sẽ có động lực tiếp tục ra mắt nhiều ca khúc tiếp theo nè ❤

  • Larry TrahanApril 30, 2022Reply

    Nghe Phúc hát mà nước mắt rơi mãi ….quá nhiều cảm xúc ùa về, quá nhiều kỉ niệm. Cảm ơn Đức Phúc thật nhiều, giọng hát anh ấm tựa nắng mùa Thu vậy.

  • Le Thanh HuyenApril 30, 2022Reply

    Cách hát của Phúc hiện đại, tinh tế và mang hơi hướng Kpop nhưng lại rất ấm áp, dịu dàng…1 ca khúc tuyệt vời ❤

  • CarolineApril 30, 2022Reply

    Oh it's a spinal colum yuck !!!

  • Stupid YoutubeApril 30, 2022Reply

    The fact is that some modern Catholics still believe that vam-pope-cula is a literal vampire .

  • Pedro DrilantinoApril 30, 2022Reply

    the best vampire movie ever

  • 1:44 The alarm clock shows it being 6 PM. And Viago even says it's 6 PM! But that clock on the wall shows that it is 9:41 PM! So I just found a blooper! Did anyone else see that!?

  • carterApril 30, 2022Reply

    New Zealand horror comedy just hits different. this and Housebound were hilarious

  • Do vampires actually burn in the sun light?

  • hatim bentaharApril 30, 2022Reply

    It's not a flat meeting about how cool you are 😂

  • Adam FowlerApril 30, 2022Reply

    I love how Viago keeps smiling at the camera every few seconds, like a 6 year old child being filmed by his parents on a playground or something.

  • KelpiApril 30, 2022Reply

    Do they share the universe with the What We Do In The Shadows FX show?

  • 3:00 me when I’m hung over

  • HODICApril 30, 2022Reply

    Viago seems to have a lot of trouble moving that big stone door. Shoudn't he be strong enough to lift a truck?

  • txtlvrApril 30, 2022Reply

    taika <3

  • eldritchApril 30, 2022Reply


  • SharonApril 30, 2022Reply

    And it was Peter!

  • Morty RickersonApril 30, 2022Reply

    Every single line of this movie had me laughing so happily. My favorite movie of all time. Hands down

  • Jason SebringApril 30, 2022Reply


  • Phenom MenonApril 30, 2022Reply

    how has We Are Wolves not come out yet?

  • Md H86April 30, 2022Reply

    Please shoot them with silver bullets!!!

  • Doyle PerkinsApril 30, 2022Reply

    "And it was Peter"! And we are still friends today." Seldom have I laughed harder…It was the denouement followed by more than a quip but a punchline that feels like it punches you unaware…BRILLIANT!

  • jorgeomega12April 30, 2022Reply

    This that carti doc yall talkin bout?

  • Astolfo gamingApril 30, 2022Reply

    I think petyr is pretty nice just not a morning person

  • skwarekableApril 30, 2022Reply

    When Taika sends that sad face expression to camera before waking up Petyr's – I'm literally dead

  • The_OldApril 30, 2022Reply

    for me this's the worst movie ever 😂😂

  • Under tropixApril 30, 2022Reply

    Petyr gives me the creep

  • Petyr had just gotten a good rest in 2000 years that day too. Smh

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