What We Do in the Shadows – Passing Time

DeliciousNecksMay 3, 2022

Eternity is a long time. Thank goodness for pottery.

“What We Do in the Shadows”, directed by Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi, about three vampires flatting in the suburbs of Wellington, NZ.




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  • El ZorDacKMay 3, 2022Reply

    They would have enorrrmous warhammer armies!

  • KaeteeGageMay 3, 2022Reply

    "Just leave me to do me dark bidding on the internet"
    I have a feeling that if vampires are able to access and use the internet. They'd be shopaholics, and hoarders. But just buy random things. Like toasters, hairdryers, faberge eggs and the like. And they would keep all the things they found over their long lives. Like that neat pocket watch they found ( stole from someone they fed off) a broken ipod, waffle maker in the shape of hello kitty. You name it.

  • Shane-OMay 3, 2022Reply

    Errrrrrotic dancing🤣🤣🤣

  • I absolutely adore the whole universe these folks have created. If vampires did exist, THIS is how it would be. Bravo! Great video post!! Thank you!

  • CrankyNicMay 3, 2022Reply

    Deacon has remarkably flexible hips for a 193 year old. Love the movie and the show!

  • nebraska124May 3, 2022Reply

    "…I mean, obviously, they were in a lot of pain." Pure simple genius

  • Imma just collect Anime Figures, Hentai materials and JAV collections. Basically, weebing my whole time as a vampire.

  • I managed to keep it together until 0:27

  • Deacon is the sexiest dancer.

  • put this on netflix please

  • Coral RoperMay 3, 2022Reply

    …If humans can never know what you do in the shadows, then why are you allowing humans to make this documentary?

  • idiotMay 3, 2022Reply

    The original bubble of self isolators

  • This movie is so awesome…"You interrupted me entertaining my friends" …ahahaha..dancing all erotically for his vampire friends..& "we're werewolves, not swearwolves"…I almost died laughing;)♡

  • KellyMay 3, 2022Reply

    Vladmir is so cute lol

  • N htMay 3, 2022Reply

    I love the show and the movie . So funny😂

  • Funniest movie I've ever seen

  • Toto KaahuMay 3, 2022Reply

    I like the new show in America even though I cant stream it. But geese I wish you guys would make one more movie focusing on the wolves with Rhys Farby as the leader please please pretty please and you have to have Johnny…maybe he falls for a she wolf and they have puppies 🙂 I just miss his and all your characters so much. You really need to put Johnny Brugh on that American show…its great but it's not as funny as the movie. (To me)

  • Toto KaahuMay 3, 2022Reply

    Oh I love these guys…but Johnny Brugh just has me in stitches, love him so much!!!

  • seanieboiMay 3, 2022Reply

    This is my torture chamber

  • Please, Tell us what you do in the Shadows and Aldo avere Is Old Zealand, please, please, please!

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