Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens | Book Review

Megan KetnerMay 3, 2022

Hey guys! Here is my review of Where the Crawdads Sing!

I talk about…

Author – 0:30
Setting – 1:22
Plot – 2:05
Themes – 4:28
Morals – 4:56
Takeaways – 5:34
Do I recommend? – 9:20

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Rating: 5.00
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  • Andy MMay 3, 2022Reply

    I just finished it yesterday. The more I've had time to think on it the more I realize I don't think it hit where it needed to for me. There are parts I love. I love that she survived her harsh childhood and seeing how loneliness affected her. It sucks her only real relationship was Tate. I know she had Jumpin and Mabel but she never really experienced a true friend. The part when Mabel made the comment about her needing girlfriends how everyone needs friends. I agree it felt rushed in the end and I found myself rushing and skipping through just to know what happened.

  • F2L FilmsMay 3, 2022Reply

    They made it into a film and it's coming to theaters 7/15/22. Here's the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I15cwt2SX38. It looks amazing!

  • I’m surprised how many people LOVED this book. I enjoyed it. Didn’t WOW me but over all I’m glad I read it’s.

  • just finished reading this
    My hot take is the ending is fantastic and it makes sense and it elevates kya a lot as a protagonist, maybe they could have executed it slightly differently but nonetheless I believe she needed to be the one who killed him

  • Laura YoungMay 3, 2022Reply

    Adding this to my book list to buy! Hope it good!

  • There have been many cases of feral children around the world! It is definitely possible for a small human to survive in the wild provided they have resources. In Spain there’s a really famous case of a little boy who was raised by wolves, for instance! He spent his formative years in the wild and became part of a pack. Humans are something else

  • You should know the author of the book and her husband have murdered an actual person in an African country in 1970's and fled that nation. They are still wanted to this date

  • Gonna read this book for Taylor Swift

  • mikeyMay 3, 2022Reply

    Here after the announcement!
    I'm so excited for Taylor, and to watch the movie!

  • This book was amazing!!

  • Ian BurkeMay 3, 2022Reply

    I read this on Libby app and enjoyed it. Look forward to seeing the movie when it comes out.

  • That book is retarded

  • Great job on your review!

  • kellimagineMay 3, 2022Reply

    Kya wasn’t an ordinary girl… I’d believe a girl was living out there by herself. She survived because she had knowledge abt nature… not to mention that living like that is a reality for many people especially in other countries. Maybe not quite as isolated as kya, but still.

  • John LasleyMay 3, 2022Reply

    I can’t wait to read this book. The first book I ever read was named “Into The Wild” which I liked very much.

  • Linda CullMay 3, 2022Reply

    Wow, the book sounds terrible. I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

  • Is it available in french? Thank you

  • I was born in Mexico and lived a pretty simplistic life with my grandparents so to me it seemed possible for someone to survive in the wilderness by themselves. Now living in the states I could understand why it does not seem realistic to others….there's a certain luxury born here and it tough to imagine that much of the world still does live in poverty.

  • GhettoMistMay 3, 2022Reply

    It’s kind of confusing to choose books on Amazon. They have loads of people who love a book and it gets critical acclaim, but then their are people who vehemently hate them 😂. It’s mad confusing.

  • Parveen SMay 3, 2022Reply

    I found it difficult to comprehend how a seven year old child without any life skills can survive alone in the middle of nowhere. Don’t get me wrong I loved the book but it felt more like a fantasy fiction with no real roots in reality 🤷🏽‍♀️ it’s certainly not a genre I’m attracted to but I enjoyed reading it.

  • I loved it too but I disagree about what she said it being unrealistic of Kya being on her own for so long and being able to take care of herself for so long. I’ve known people that have had to do similar things at a young age. You do what you need to do to survive, given the way she was raised also. I can’t wait to see the movie!

  • BookShookMay 3, 2022Reply

    Thanks so much for your ace review. Really enjoyed hearing your thoughts. Would it be okay to quote you in my responses section of my podcast? (With attribution). No worries if not poss. Thanks

  • Ember EmberMay 3, 2022Reply

    I loved Kya so much. She is such a strong beautiful person shaped by the beauty of nature and a life of loneliness and isolation.

  • I am reading it now, 30% into it, I see she is poor, the fam is poor but I don't understand why the family is leaving her, and why are they leaving her "one by one". Anyone ?

  • I liked everything up until the conviction attempt. It was like being in the middle of a paradise or an oasis and then the author pulls out a chainsaw for no reason. I could have did without the plot twist, it got pretty wacky at the end. She was a real life Matilda up until that point. The first 3/4ths of the book was epic in my opinion.

  • what is kya,s race?

  • brnflippingMay 3, 2022Reply

    this book is UNBELIEVABLE > the prose is good, but the story is a fantasy and is unreal.

  • Fawza joyMay 3, 2022Reply

    Everything is possible if you believe and be consistent, habits are important and free will also😃nice revieuw

  • I didn’t hate the ending, but for some reason it felt like a huge bummer. Apart from that, it was a fun page turner and poetic masterpiece. Can’t wait for the movie!

  • I started it and realized how the author portrayed nature. Quite immense. Thats what the child had.

  • Lee WoodMay 3, 2022Reply

    As a 32 year old man from London you would think that I'm not really the key demographic for this book but I absolutely loved it; and I still think about Kya from time to time, even 6 months on from reading it.

  • I wrote a book called The Call of the Elements. It's on Amazon. It's a fantasy YA novel. Maybe check it out if you're interested? ☺️

  • Loved this book. Love your review.

  • Thank you for the video. Hope you are doing well. Beautiful as usual 😀

  • I'm from scotland, i bought the book to read on a flight to las vegas for my vacation and to celebrate my 50th birthday🎂 i enjoyed the book

  • It was okay. I felt a lot of it was not credible. Plus the ending really… well, I don’t want to spoil it.

  • the book is so beautifully written. no other book could top this one for me

  • leo bonekMay 3, 2022Reply

    I really wanted to like this book, I found it "kind of dumb"….. I love to read, I'm a reading addict, but I did not like this book at all, so I read almost half of it and then I returned it on audible….. I found it incredibly boring and I think if they wanted to make the little girl a powerful character they should not have made her so pitiful, it was such a sad situation….. 😬😔

  • Oh my goodness, you are so pretty! I'm reading Where the Crawdads Sing right now, and it is soooo good! you just got yourself a new subscriber! 😉


  • Hi, would u be interested in reading and reviewing my book Haunted in the Night? For a review I'd be willing to email you a free ebook

  • Curios is the hard cover white ?

  • Just finished it. Loved it so much.

  • Todd WarnerMay 3, 2022Reply

    I've known children that more or less survived in their own at a very early age. Kya only intermittently survived in her own until … 14? Or something like that.

    And I've known the class of people so shunned (I grew up in rural North Carolina).

    I did love the theme of humans as part of nature, in general, and as applied to the front and center plot.

    Favorite element of the book: How the main character changed over time. The author really reflected this well.

  • veery good analysis. I hope to read it too.

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